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Dollhouse Rewatch 2012-2013: Schedules, activities, sign-ups (for hosting and D/D celebration weeks)

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15 – Ghost/The Target (hosted by: derevko_child)
22 – Stage Fright/Gray Hour (hosted by: [tentative] marzipanilla )
29 – True Believer/Man on the Street (hosted by: kalisgirl )

5 – Echoes/Needs (hosted by: derevko_child)
12 – A Spy in the House of Love/Haunted (hosted by: irony_rocks )
19 - Briar Rose/Omega (hosted by: thinkatory )
26 – Unaired eps: Echo/Epitaph One (hosted by: leanstein)

January 27 - February 2 – DeWitt/Dominic Celebration Week

2 – Break
9 – Vows/Belle Chose (hosted by: )
16 – Instincts/Belonging (hosted by: )
23 – Public Eye/Left Hand (hosted by: derevko_child )

MARCH, 2013
2 – Meet Jane Doe/Love Supreme (hosted by: )
9 – Stop Loss/The Attic (hosted by: irony_rocks)
16 – Getting Closer/Hollow Men (hosted by: )
23 – Epitaph Two (hosted by: )

March 24 – March 30 – DeWitt/Dominic Celebration Week part 2

(If you want to host, just reply in the comment section with the day/eps you want)

LIST OF SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES (for the weeks in between the ep rewatches)

1. For the rewatch hosts: we pose several questions which everybody can answer during/after we watch the episode. The questions can be anything about the ep or your head cannons or meta
2. For the rewatch hosts: we make a theme/challenge of the week?
3. Ficathons/Graphic-athons (for the non-writers?)
4. Prompts for fic memes
5. AU Prompt Meme
6. Seven-word fics
7. One-sentence fics
8. Icon battles/graphic battles/music video battles <-- if too complicated, we can move this to the D/D celebration Week itself?
9. Recommendation post (Dewitt/Dominic Things and Other Fandom Things)

If you have any more suggestions, feel free to drop it in the comments.

Sign-ups for the DeWitt/Dominic Celebration Week(s) will be posted within the week

ETA: Does anyone want to make banners for the rewatch? I think the banner I made for this entry is too large? lol

ETA 2:Some banners


Maroon banner--

Gray banner--

Non-LJ people with a tumblr (or LJ people with tumblrs) --> threeyearsbymyside
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