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Dollhouse Rewatch - 2x01 and 2x02

A lot late, I'm sorry. But here we go for the Dollhouse rewatch - season 2!

2.01 - Vows and 2.02 - Instinct

Your questions, ladies and gentlemen:

1. Adelle's haircut. Discuss. What was she thinking when she decided to chop off her locks? What did she want to achieve or show with the new hair? Did the loss of her favourite Head of Security have anything to do with the change? And personally, do you like it?

2. How is Adelle doing with Boyd? What does she miss about Dominic?

3. Tempura Joe. Assuming this occurred while Dom was still HoS, how did Dom and DeWitt react to that engagement?

4. Would Dom have hired Ballard? What would he have done differently to DeWitt?

5. Who wears the nicest suit? Perin, Boyd, Paul or Dom?

6. "You have a source at the NSA?" "Had. Like everyone else he's gone underground." Is this Dominic? Why would he be passing information to Perrin?

7. "The formative months of an infant's life are crucial. A child who feels loved is imprinted with the sense that the world is a safe place. A child who does not feel loved grows up to be...well, most likely a sociopath." Is Adelle talking about her own experience? What was Adelle's childhood like?

8. Which engagement did you think was squickier-- the marriage engagement in the season premiere, or the mother engagement in the second episode?
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